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Issues in Global Corporate Financing

  • Financing High Growth/High Risk Enterprises
  • Corporate Financial Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Managing Financial Risks
Background Materials on Corporate Finance

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The Global Capital Markets
and Corporate Finance

A Workshop for Carnegie Bosch
Prof. Ian Giddy
New York University

Europe's leading corporations are under pressure from shareholders at home and abroad. What can they learn from the U.S. experience? How can they respond effectively to the new economy, technological and capital market changes, and imminent corporate restructuring? When do mergers and acquisitions and other forms of corporate restructuring makes sense? How can companies compete in a global market of diverging economies and fluctuating currencies?

Issues in Global Corporate Financing

  • Financing High Growth/High Risk Enterprises
    • The Market for Private Equity
    • Venture Capital
    • Corporate Venturing
    • IPOs versus Buyouts
    • When they work, and what can go wrong
  • Corporate Financial Restructuring
    • Creating value through decapitalization and recapitalization
    • Reconfiguring debt to manage global risk
    • When securitization makes sense
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Crazy valuations (How much to pay)
    • Funny money (How to pay)
    • Why and when things go wrong
  • Managing Financial Risks
    • How to measure currency and other financial market risks
    • Tools and techniques for managing global financial risks

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Background Materials
Background Materials on Corporate Finance may be found at the following website:
Excel spreadsheets for Corporate Finance and Valuation may be found at:
A sample Excel spreadsheet for the valuation of a merged company may be found at:

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